When browning steak for a casserole/stew

elsielaurie1, Apr 21, 8:55pm
what type of oil is the best? I've looked at Olive oils but am uncertain as to which one to buy? Your advise would be appreciated.

lilyfield, Apr 21, 9:07pm
I just use the cheapest, any, or dripping

camper18, Apr 21, 9:23pm
Rice Bran, has a higher heat tolerance.

madj, Apr 22, 12:52am
I season my meat with flour, herbs and garlic salt (mix all in a bag or on a plate and coat and shake excess off). I use butter to first cook the onions (if using) until soft and then remove the onions and then brown the seasoned pieces in onion flavoured butter. I prefer butter over oil for making casseroles. JMTCW :)

rainrain1, Apr 22, 1:57am
So do I

awoftam, Apr 22, 2:00am
If you want to use a good oil (as in good for you as opposed to a seed oil, which are not good for you) use a light olive oii. Or as others have mentioned butter or any animal fat would work.

jmin, Apr 22, 9:23am
I dont brown my meat at all. just bung into casserole
dish with onions etc

esther-anne, Apr 22, 9:35am
I use a mixture of butter and olive oil - the oil stops the butter burning.

Works for me!

bedazzledjewels, Apr 22, 7:37pm
Agree with awoftam. You could try lard, coconut oil and avocado oil which all have higher smoke points than olive oil. Or clarified butter of course. Steer clear of the highly processed seed oils.

awoftam, Apr 23, 5:28am
Ghee is great as well. so many healthy choices!

karlymouse, Apr 23, 8:01am
I dislike the thought of blood floating around in casseroles if the meat is now browned.

awoftam, Sep 19, 12:44am
Browning gives colour in the final dish and can add to depth of flavour.

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