Butterflied lamb on bbq

wendalls, Mar 7, 7:40pm
I am doing this tonight. Any bright ideas to make it extra yum? I have had some chewy ones at relatives bbq and want to avoid that. I guess we sear it then turn it right down? Does anyone have any pomegranate molasses marinade ideas or just the classic lemon, rosemary etc. not sure if I like garlic on lamb.
Any help welcome thanks

rainrain1, Mar 7, 7:44pm
First marinate, season or flavour the lamb as you wish. Try the following:

A combination of rosemary or garlic oil, soy sauce, lemon juice, pepper and pomegranate molasses or spicy apricot sauce

Crushed garlic, grated fresh ginger, lemon rind and juice, teriyaki marinade or light soy sauce, pepper

Crushed garlic, ground coriander, cumin, pepper, olive oil, honey, lemon juice, sweet chilli sauce

To roast - Place the leg, cut side up, on a rack in a roasting pan. Fan-bake at 180° to 200°C for 15 minutes. Turn lamb skin side uppermost and fan-bake for approximately 15 more minutes, to the desired degree of pinkness. Allow at least 20 minutes resting before carving.

To barbeque - For ease of handling on the barbecue, run two or three large metal skewers horizontally through the leg before cooking. Barbecue the lamb over steady, low heat, turning it every 10 minutes or so, basting if you wish. A small leg may need 30 to 35 minutes, a larger, thicker leg, up to 40 or 45 minutes. Do not overcook, and remember to allow plenty of resting time before carving.

chesty1, Mar 7, 7:45pm
Adding mustard to your marinade makes it yum. we cook ours 6-7 minutes each side. Enjoy.

andree3, Mar 7, 8:11pm
we cover with spices including ground cumin, plenty salt and pepper. oil the meat not the pan and use a meat thermometer - when it hits 65 degrees in the middle its done. usually takes about 15 mins each side. yummmm we do it lots, nice and quick and very tender :-)

wendalls, Mar 7, 9:23pm
Thanks. A bit of variation in cooking times. Since Andree3 has mentioned very tender. Then I'll go for the 15 mins each side. I assume the hood is down on the bbq? Have no decent thermometer so will wing it, maybe go 13 mins each and a good 10 min rest. And shall do a play round with ingredients for marinade. Molasses, lemon juice etc

whitehead., Mar 7, 10:29pm
i would poke it with a knife and check the juices are running clear not pink to check the cooking time is right . its a yummy meal

village.green, Mar 8, 3:07am
We've done it in the pan, seared both sides in hot pan for about 3 mins then in a very hot oven in same heat proof pan for about 20-25 mins then cover with foil and rest for 10 mins. Very tender. Of course this will depend on size etc.
My 'go to' Greek inspired marinade for lamb is olive oil, lots of lemon juice, garlic, rosemary, then salt and pepper just before cooking.

wendalls, Mar 8, 10:36am
Was very nice and tender!

kirkwood10, Jan 7, 1:49am
we have tried these a few times over summer in our hooded bbq. We marinade is fresh chopped mint and olive oil and a squeeze of fresh garlic. Have found that Prestons are the best quality, after trying an organic one from NW and another brand from Countdown. We slice through the meat, criss cross about 1cm and cook for about 10mins each side, depending on the size. Make sure its rested for 10mins

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