Dessert ideas for a Saturday night treat

alfisti2, Apr 18, 6:15am
What do you reckon? Just me and Mr A tomorrow, but thought we might try something new.

motorbo, Apr 18, 6:45am
the other night I went out to a friends for dinner, my DIL made baklava and we had it with custard and nice cream with fresh pineapple - was yummyyyy

2spotties, Apr 19, 5:29am
If you want a warm dessert what about sticky date pudding or chocolate self saucing pudding or golden syrup dumplings or creme brulee
or a cold make ahead idea - cheesecakes or mini banoffee pie

deanna14, Apr 19, 5:56am
Oh thank you!

I clicked into this thread, yelped, jumped out of my seat because I forgot the custard was cooked and waiting in the microwave and the prepared trifle in the fridge. Now the wet microwave is spotlessly clean and the trifle setting in the fridge.

deanna14, Apr 19, 5:57am
Oh and I'd delighting in eating the skin from the top.

bisloy, Apr 20, 7:49am
Cheats tiramisu . Sponge, packet chocolate mousse, baileys, chocolate syrup and strong coffee. Layer the way you like and finish with a thin layer of whipped cream and grate over some chocolate. Leave for a few hours in the fridge and VOILA! Yum yum yum.

Latest fad is similar (note the theme here) . Ginger cups. Soak gingernuts in baileys for a couple of minutes to soften the outside. Put a dollop of chocolate sauce in the bottom of a pretty glass. Put a soaked gingernut on the sauce, more sauce, another gingernut, more sauce and another gingernut. Pour over a little more chocolate sauce and cover with whipped cream and drizzle over a little baileys and lightly crush over a Flake. We are big, greedy eaters, but three gingernuts are just good after a meal. It is very rich. Yummo!

sarahb5, Apr 21, 7:21am
Found these on Pinterest at the weekend - sound quick, easy and yummy

bedazzledjewels, Apr 21, 7:31am
Have you seen this trick with apple slices and puff pastry?

ruby19, Apr 21, 7:35am
This sounds lovely from the heald bite magazine

malcovy, Apr 21, 11:28pm
Now that looked like it would be too complicated but that was awesome to watch and would be so easy. That was cool.

awoftam, Apr 21, 11:36pm
Wow that was awesome - and so easy!

awoftam, Apr 21, 11:38pm
Not sure if you are a feijoa fan however I am going to make this ANZAC night when family are here. Only change is I will use brown rice syrup instead of maple to cut down on the fructose.

awoftam, Apr 25, 4:28am
I have just made these! They really are as easy as they look! I used crab apple jelly (unwaterered down) and they are stunning. Will def be doing again. Probably on Sunday when family are coming for dinner.

Just edited to say no way you need 2 apples.I used 1.5 and had heaps left over.

awoftam, Apr 25, 5:36am
. and I think if I made them again I'd use filo.

gem661, Sep 16, 9:43am
mmm. num num num!

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