Home Made Chips (chippies)

purdie69, Sep 17, 5:48am
Anyone made them? I have been trying at different fryer heats but still not successful. I don't mean chips or fries but same as those in packets

valentino, Sep 17, 6:09am
Actually was wondering what "Hasselback potato" be liked via a deep fryer.

That is a Potato fully peeled or with peel but fully washed and clean, laid between two chopsticks, sliced very thinly down to the chopsticks all along the potato and deep fried. Then drain and sprinkle "sprinkled mixture" all over.

I think this would be worthy of a go.

The other way of chippies is via a potato peeler and quickly fried or a sharp knife (Ham Knife is great for potatoes - is a very thin flat sharp blade). Cut a slice off the long side first then use this side as the part to lay potato down on to slice.

awoftam, Sep 17, 6:41am
My friends make kettle fries in their deep fryer - they are fantastic cooks though and have a commercial grade deep frier. Have you tried just cooking a few at a time? Another thing to try is to slice the potatoes very thinly and rub with a bit of lite olive oil and salt. Lay in a single layer on a tray and bake at 200d for about 35 - 40 minutes. Do NOT turn them over.

valentino, Sep 17, 7:52am
After re-reading your post, I think if you did the piece of cube bread trick to see if the liquid gets hot enough to do the fry as you want.

Basically a cube piece of bread about 1cm all sides dropped into the hot liquid and should be fried in about 8 to 10 seconds, a little bit longer and should be all shrivelled up.

The thinner the potato slice the better fry you will get, and to do them in batches of say a couple medium potatoes at a time at the most.


chooky, Sep 17, 11:38am
We do potato and kumara chips. Use a potato peeler and deep fry them on our barbeque, yum yum.

daarhn, Sep 17, 7:02pm
Use a mandolin to get super thin crisp chippies

lisapisa2, Sep 18, 3:31am
We've made these a few times, they are yummy.
Microwave chippies : Slice 1 - 2 potatoes (washed but not peeled) very thin (I use a slicer), put the slices in a small bowl & drizzle with some olive oil (or other oil), sprinkle on some salt. Arrange slices in single layer on a dinner plate, microwave 2-3 mins, turn slices over (carefully, they're hot). Microwave again 2-3 mins or until they start to brown & go crispy on the edges. Remove & allow to cool. They continue to crisp up as they cool. Enjoy : )

joybells2, Sep 18, 4:43am
Reminds me of when a young child, my father was a chef and used to cook these in the hotel where he worked, they went on the bar and were called Saratoga chips, used to love it when he brought some home.

jan2242, Oct 18, 1:41am
MIcrowave as lisapisa2 instructions - very tasty.

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