Help with Rice Pudding, please

nruter, Apr 20, 8:27am
Really enjoy rice pudding and use the recipe from the Edmonds book. However, I can never get it nice and creamy, always cook long and slow and use short-grain rice.
Any suggestions, please.

ritebuy, Apr 20, 8:46am
keep adding milk you can make a pouring hole in the skin and pour in milk

karlymouse, Apr 20, 9:34am
Use arborio rice and substitute all or some of the milk for cream.

esther-anne, Apr 20, 9:42am
I am wondering if you have a pressure cooker>>

I don't own one anymore but the richest loveliest rice pudding I have ever had I used to do in the pressure cooker. I'm sorry I can't give you the exact details - it;s so long since I owned one and too old now to go to the expense of buying another one - but it made the most wonderful rice pudding, rich, creamy and with a nutty flavour and golden appearance - my kids loved it.

I have tried it occasionally done in the oven etc but nothing comes up to that standard - so those who own a pressure cooker, do try your rice puddings - they are as superlative as a very ordinary dish can be.

debudder, Apr 20, 10:18am
Have been told that adding evaporated milk helps but have never tried it

petal1955, Apr 20, 8:31pm
Creamy Rice Pudding

Yummy, had this last night and its the best rice pudding Ive ever tasted. I got it out of the NZ Womens Weekly, it's a Jo Seager one.
8 heaped tablespoons aborio rice
1/4 cup water
300ml milk
300ml cream (or you can use all milk)
Large knob butter
2 tblspns vanilla essence
4 tbspns castor sugar.
Place rice, water, milk and cream in saucepan. Bring to the boil, then turn down to a very gentle simmer. Stir every so often for 20 mins, until the rice has swelled up and thickened. Rice should be soft, but have a little bite to it. Stir in the butter, vanilla and sugar and stir until dissolved. Pour into a dish and place under gentle grill for four to five mins until a brown skin develops. Serve with cream. Serves 4.

lilyfield, Apr 20, 8:49pm
If mine is not creamy enough, i put part of it in the whizzer

carter19, Apr 20, 10:45pm
I sometimes put mine in a big jug in the crockpot when I have something else in there. Always yummy. I have an oval crockpot which has more room for this than a round one

harrislucinda, Apr 20, 11:01pm
yes do in slow cooker always creamy

bunny51, Apr 21, 2:06am
I do it in the crockpot too. (ANd sometimes add a tin of coconut cream/milk or evaporated milk aswell) Or a beaten egg about 30 minutes before I want to serve it

buzzy110, Apr 21, 4:10am
Are you using low fat/non fat milk instead of full cream, non-homogenised milk? I've only ever made it with silver top milk. That was a long time ago now but it always comes out rich and creamy, especially if I added some extra cream as well.

sarahb5, Apr 21, 11:04am
Baked rice pudding is always creamier than when made on the dtove top but I made mine in the rice cooker yesterday and it was really soft and creamy

camper18, Apr 21, 9:28pm
Don't add the sugar until its cooked and it will stay nice and white.

sarahb5, Sep 24, 9:04am
As it does in the rice cooker also I noticed but actually mine is usually more of a creamy colour because I usually add vanilla essence - I use less sugar when I do that too as the vanilla seems to sweeten it as well

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