Has anyone tried the stuffed turkey rolls?

sylvia, Nov 23, 9:39am
I noticed them advertised, Tegel frozen ones, with either cranberry or apricot stuffing. Has anyone tried them? Are they nice and moist? I am feeding 9 this year and also have hot ham, usually do a whole turkey but have a lot left over. Trying to make life a bit easier as these are already stuffed.

nauru, Nov 23, 11:10am
Yes, we have had them and they were moist. We much prefer the plain ones and I make my own stuffings to serve on the side. They work out well for us as I find that a whole turkey is just too much.

toadfish, Nov 23, 5:00pm
We have been getting the Farro's ones for years now.
Last year Mum & Dad got the Tegal one - it was nice. but not as nice as the Farro one.
There are 6 of us adults at Christmas, and with ham its plenty with leftovers.

joybells2, Nov 23, 6:43pm
Yes always have a Tegel one, lovely and more meat per kilo than you get off a whole turkey, we get the largest one.

sylvia, Nov 23, 11:15pm
Thank you. Would you cook them in an oven bag?

kay141, Nov 24, 12:01am
They look great, wish I could get them here.

muffin2, Nov 24, 3:25am
We got a Farros one last year and it was very moist and lasted a few days - worth spending a few extra $ to get a free range one

samanya, Nov 24, 4:39am
I've been browsing the Farro site & the turkey roll is frozen . maybe you could get one couriered to you?

kay141, Nov 24, 5:01am
I investigated that but no, they will not send fresh, chilled or frozen foods. Might have a day out and investigate Moore Wilsons when I have a spare day.

toadfish, Nov 24, 5:43pm
They come in their own disposable foil tray, you just pop them in the oven - then no dishes even.

eljayv, Nov 24, 7:45pm
Would love to know if the stuffing is gluten free

motorbo, Nov 24, 7:47pm
one year i left it so late there were none left, but there was turkey breasts and mince in the fresh meat area, i bought them and tried to do a kind of stuffed rolled turkey and it didnt work, but instead i had an oven dish with the stuffing mixed with the mince and breasts mixed in too. and i have to say - everyone loved it. much to be said for your own stuffing. bought stuffing tastes vile to me

motorbo, Nov 24, 7:49pm
obviously i read this link of different stuffings after i wrote my post ha ha they look good

quarterpasttwo, Nov 25, 1:57am
the canter valley ones are good to if you can get them

kay141, Nov 25, 2:17am
I had a look at their website and thought, great they do online sales, but alas no breasts. Only legs, nibbles or whole turkeys.

sylvia, Nov 25, 4:41am
Even better! Thank you.

samanya, Nov 25, 5:18am
I'm tempted to get one this year as meat contribution to a family day, probably will be served cold.

kay141, Nov 25, 6:22am
Found an interesting selection of poultry including boneless turkeys at


patsy3, Jun 3, 12:43am
Yes have bought in the past and I thought they were brilliant. The stuffing was nice, and I hate the stuffing on pre-stuffed chickens, fresh or rotisserie.

ETA, I like the the cranberry one better

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