cooking duck

doraandboots, May 2, 8:56am
Hi does any one know the secret to cooking duck successfully? Any tips or recepies would be great. Thanks

madzwhippet, May 2, 10:36am
I could never get it just right, until I tried using an oven-bag ... ... . . stuff the bird , lay rashers of streaky bacon over it and cook in an oven-bag as for a chook only time it about an extra 15 to 20 minutes ... ... a nice moist cook ... and nice hot for those who like it gamey... ... ... totally delicious cold an sandwiches... ... YUM !

seedy4, May 2, 10:40am
We always cooked them in an oven bag so they stayed moist. Long and slow cooking. Enjoy!

beaumonde, May 2, 11:50am
Roast duck legs

4 duck legs
½ tsp five spice powder
bunch of rosemary sprigs
4 fat garlic cloves
half a bottle of red wine
2 tbsp redcurrants Jelly

Preheat oven to 190C/fan.
Get a roasting pan and make a bed of rosemary and sliced garlic. Sprinkle legs with salt and five-spice powder and place on the rosemary
Roast for 1 hr.
In a saucepan add wine and jelly together, simmer gently, stirring until the jelly dissolves simmer for 5 miniutes more.
Check the duck after 1 hr remove from the oven and carefully spoon off almost all the fat (save it for roast potatoes)
Pour the wine mixture around it and return to the oven for 10-15 mins to finish cooking and reduce the sauce.
You could do the first part in oven bag if you wish

knowsley, May 2, 7:31pm
I simmer them immersed in chicken stock for 45 minutes, then roast at the highest temp in the own for 30. Perfect moist duck with crispy skin.

andrea1978, Mar 26, 6:08pm
Cook it on the rack on top of the roasting dish, not in the roasting dish. Duck is too fatty! I've cooked it both ways and on the rack is definitely better. Make an easy sauce and baste about 45 minutes before it's cooked. I used something really easy like plum jam, chinese 5 spice and not sure what else?

And let me just say I'm not afraid of fat lol ... but it's definitely better this way. The cooking temp/time is on the pack. If you bought it from the supermarket.