Whats the secret to Kumara chips?

timturtle, Jun 18, 12:54am
mine don't go crunchy, anyone know how to stop them from going soggy? Thanks

buzzy110, Jun 18, 3:38am
Can you tell us what you are currently doing? - i.e. parboiling? covering with oil, fat? roasting in over or frying? deep frying or pan frying in what oil? etc.

Or maybe you are using frozen kumara chips and the instructions are not working out for you.

I find that cooking temperature can make or break food like that - not hot enough and it goes soggy, too hot and they burn before cooking.

nauru, Jun 18, 4:25am
I bake my kumara chips. Put prepared chips onto a baking paper lined tray, spray with a little olive oil, dust with some cumin herb mix and bake @ 200C for about 20 minutes. I don't par cook kumara chips (my preference) as I find that they tend to go mushy. I also think that the red kumara makes better chips and roasties than the orange one too.

timturtle, Jun 18, 5:34am
I just cut red kumara into chips toss in oil and oven bake on a tray at 180 maybe the oven is not hot enough?

frances1266, Jun 18, 6:35am
I bake them on a high temperature, with a quick spray of oil. They go crunchy but just be careful not to let them burn. I prefer them like that as I find them a bit cloying with too much oil.

nauru, Jun 18, 11:42am
Maybe you are using too much oil so try a spray oil. I find 200C a better temp too.

mjhdeal, May 19, 1:10am
I use orange kumara (dunno if that makes a difference, but that's what I use).
Cut the kumara into chips, seal in a plastic bag, and toss chips around with just enough arrowroot powder to coat evenly (a couple of tablespoons? - depends on how many chips. Perhaps add some spices too, if you like flavoured chips).
Then bake on oiled tray, 200 degrees, 30 minutes, flip part way through.

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