Stick Blender

samanya, Jan 1, 3:09am
I have a mini food processor called 'little oskar' . it would be around 15+ years old & It's never missed a beat & such a strong little machine which gets used a heap. Reliable brand, I reckon.

mrsvonflik, Jan 1, 5:07am
Have a Barmix 25 years still going strong,Use it for breadcrumbs drinks whipping cream,pancakes,pavlova,was expensive at the time but well worth it,

raloki, Jan 1, 6:18pm
Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I will take them on board when looking.

fifie, Jan 1, 8:19pm
Love my breville, it comes with a mini whiz and whisk which some part of it gets used most days now my hands are all twisted.

wendalls, Jan 2, 9:59am
My Russell Hobbs one isn't good. It comes to bits too easily and it couldn't cope with chopping cashews for bliss balls. The chopper doesn't work now which is annoying as I liked it for making hummus.

wheelz, Jan 2, 11:09am
Positive vote for the breville. use it more often than my f/processor. has whisk, mini processor also.

raloki, Dec 31, 6:24pm
Hi I am looking at buying a stick blender and would like to know your recommendations as to which is the best brand. Thanks.

lilyfield, Dec 31, 7:14pm

suzannelg, Jan 1, 12:52am
I've had a Kambrook one for the last 5 years and I can't fault it! It comes with a small mixing bowl + a blender cup.
If I wanted something a bit more powerful, then I'd get a Bamix.

illusion_, Jan 1, 1:45am
We have had a bamix for quite some time, and a kenwood with a lot of attachments that even make it into a small (not tiny) food processor. Both do what they are supposed to very well, BUT . if I was looking for a plain simple stick mixer again I would go for a kambrook or similar. You can replace them half a dozen or more times for the price of a bamix

buzzy110, Jan 1, 1:54am
This. Also it gives you an opportunity to discover if it is going to be just another appliance cluttering up valuable kitchen storage space. I have one and hardly ever use it anymore. I find my whisk and masher do most jobs just as effectively. I probably only use it for pumpkin soup and quick hollandaise sauce now so I'm glad I only bought a cheaper one.

wasala, Jan 1, 3:04am

illusion_, Jan 1, 3:21am
ahhhhh . looky

there's my stalker again . crikey, talk about sad

wasala, Jan 1, 4:25am
Don't be sad on my account!

buzzy110, Jan 1, 4:37am
I agree.

wasala, Jan 1, 4:55am
Well, you sort of have to, don't you!

Happy New Year to you both.

davidt4, Jan 1, 5:31am
I've been very happy with Breville. My first Breville finally gave up after about 8 years of very heavy use, I replaced it with an updated model and it's powerful and reliable. I use the mini-processor that comes with it a lot too.

wasala, May 21, 6:00pm
My wand's Electrolux and it's OK but nothing has ever worked as well as the Oskar we got for a wedding present. I really wish I'd kept it as it was still going - just old, and the Kenwood processer we have now is useless. It can't even handle crumbling gingernut biscuits for a cheesecake base!

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