Cling stone peaches

serrinia, Mar 20, 6:39am
What is the best way to get the stones out without munching up the peach? Is there a special kitchen aid I can buy or should I just try and cut them in half and attack the stone with a teaspoon?

anna95, Mar 20, 6:12pm
In preparation for stewing or preserving I just peel Golden Queen peaches first, then slice the two halves off as close to the stone as possible and slice them into segments. There is the bit top and bottom which you can slice off too and you are left with just the stone to throw away. My mother sometimes cooked them whole for dessert which we ate with a fork and a spoon.

olwen, Mar 20, 7:36pm
We used to bottle peaches whole. Our pudding was always with a fork and spoon!

books4nz, Mar 23, 10:37am
Have a look in kitchen stores, or in Opp shops for an old-fashioned peach-stone-remover - shaped like a teaspoon, with a sharp edge on both sides of the spoon part and a point at the end.
To use, cut a line around the peach, following the slight line that shows near the stem part of the peach. Slide the tip of the stoner from the stem part over the curve of the peach, then side to side, and that half will come away cleanly. For the other half, curve the tip in behind the stone, move it side to side, and the stone comes out easily.
When there are a lot of peaches to preserve, one of these helps do the job quickly.
You could probably alter a strong teaspoon by sharpening the sides somehow, or ask an older friend or family member if they have one.

books4nz, Mar 23, 10:39am

serrinia, Mar 24, 3:30am
Thank you all for your posts. They have been most helpful.

mothergoose_nz, Nov 23, 8:00am

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