Feijoa Smoothy ...how to stop turning brown

dutchygal, May 2, 3:40am
Experimented making some feijoa smoothy yesterday, made a sugar syrup with sugar and water, added lemon juice and pulped feijoa. Mixed all together and poured into a 2 litre bottle. Really yummy , But today I notice its slowly turning brown, what can I add next time to prevent that. We are hoping to make lots more to freeze so we can sell it when we run Fundraiser sausage sizzles for our Schools overseas trip. Would Citric acid or something help ?

maximus44, May 2, 4:13am
Lemon juice stops fruit going brown. Might work.

littlesparrows, May 2, 4:15am
try more lemon juice

alebix, May 2, 8:11am
or lemonade. . works for me. Well it works when I cooked with apples.

maxwell.inc, May 2, 8:15am
Ascorbic Acid. (thats all the lemon juice does) u just need more of it.

dutchygal, May 2, 8:22am
Ok thanks Had lots of lemon juice in it but darling daughter said it was too lemony so I put more feijoa in. Have to get a happy median. But on that note the feijoa ice cream is Devine !

ferita, May 2, 8:25am
An anti oxidant like vitamin c

sultana0, Mar 26, 11:13am
Add spirulina to it, its green and supplies alot of vits and mins

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