Vegan finger food

helen490, Aug 18, 8:56pm
ideas please

lilyfield, Aug 18, 9:22pm
the obvious- crudeties and hummus
lentil "meatballs" with ketup
aspergus rolls, forever popular
yeast blinis with vegan cheese topping or tofu
marinated tofu cubes- make them spicy
dates with an almond in the middle
other nut ball

there is a start

buzzy110, Aug 18, 9:27pm
When using bread and margarine check the ingredients labels to ensure there is no milk or buttermilk. They are not vegan.

davidt4, Aug 18, 9:52pm
Dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs))

katalin2, Aug 18, 9:53pm
Slices of cucumber, radish, baked kumara sliced up with a tasty topping of your choice, such as hummus spiced up, leftovers blitzed in the food processor with a spicy chutney etc. Vietnamese spring rolls made with rice wraps you soak in water filled with a finely shredded salad filling and sprinkled with sesame dressing ( dressing available from international section at Countdown); blitz a tin of chilli beans and serve with corn chips. Baked slices of eggplant rolled up spread with spicy tomato spread or chutney.

frances1266, Aug 18, 10:43pm
Vegan sausage rolls, vegan pesto, vegan club sandwiches with tomato, avocado, lettuce, mashed faux egg made with tofu, plenty of recipes on the net for this. Sun dried tomato pesto, truffles i.e. dried apricots whizzed with coconut, orange juice etc or dates with cocoa and ground almonds rolled into balls, small squares of foccacia with toppings.

lyingnun, Aug 18, 10:55pm
Sushi is a great choice. It's easy to make and is generally well received.
Fruit kebabs

jimmy3411, Aug 19, 2:18am
A whole vabbage

buzzy110, Aug 19, 4:20am
The spring rolls sound wonderful. I have done these myself on occasion but people just didn't get them. Now, I see that sushi places sell them so people are becoming more educated.

katalin2, Aug 19, 5:22am
They are really yummy, especially with a dipping sauce of sweet chilli sauce.
Cut in half they actually go quite a long way. We always have them as an entree when we go to our local Vietnamese restaurant. Went to a cooking class in Vietnam where they taught us how to make the rice wrappers- pounding the cooked rice into a paste, rolling it out and steaming it. Decided it is much easier to buy a packet and soak it, though the freshly made one did taste really good.

bev00, Aug 19, 11:56am
vegan snack food, Aug 19, 8:44pm
I made these yesterday with my son - such fun. However they are time consuming and I would recommend you buy the tins (Turkish and about $3.50) with about 12 inside.

motorbo, Aug 20, 12:29am
I make them often, when I first went gluten free I made them like spring rolls and sprayed and baked them in the oven, was yum better to double wrap though as they can split . but a nice change

bev00, Aug 20, 12:35pm
spreading the word .

jbsouthland, Dec 18, 12:02am
Vegan pizzas are yum and can be cut up for finger food .
Angel Food vegan cheese and sauces can be bought at New World .
Google .

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