Went to make a rice pudding :(

sandhu, Apr 8, 6:12am
I went to make a rice pudding and add sugar and milk then these little black things floated to the top had look in the container and they were moving my daughter did a research and she found out what they were weevil.It was in the small grain rice I would say not to store rice for long.What a waste of sugar and milk.Oh well no pudding tonight :( I would like to know where the rice comes from and how the heck could there be bugs in our rice?

cleggyboy, Apr 8, 6:19am
Ruud Klienpaste (sp) alias the bug man reckons eat them, only a bit of extra protein.

pickles7, Oct 26, 4:19pm
yeah eat them, they won't hurt you at all. Put your rice in the freezer, then wash them out for your next rice pudding.

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