Cooking roast lamb and roast vegs for xmas lunch

treens2, Dec 23, 3:12am
Taking it to my daughter in laws as lunch is been served there, about 1hours drive, any thoughts how to keep it warm. thinking about wrapping it in tinfoil, any other ideas please,

rainrain1, Dec 23, 3:22am
Tinfoil, and then wrap in thick newspapers, then a big thick towel. that's what I'd do anyway

aisling8, Dec 23, 6:21am
Leave the meat in the oven bag. Line a chilly bin or poly bin with a couple of thick towels . Place inside and tuck towels around it. Slightly undercook the meat as it carries on cooking inside the bag in the bin. Should still be warm and lovely by the time you get there. Oh and replace the lid on the bin. Have a lovely Xmas.

illusion_, Dec 23, 6:31am
doing as above will have the meat pretty much ready to carve as you arrive. the veges will need a quick blast in the oven on a tray to reheat and recrisp them though

samanya, Dec 23, 6:36am
This . well rested lamb & delicious veges.

sampa, Dec 23, 6:54am
Wrap it in one of those emergency, first aid type blankets if you can lay hands on one. not expensive I don't think.

Don't forget the mint sauce and have a lovely roast lamb Christmas. :)

samanya, Dec 23, 6:56am
oops, I meant to quote illusion_ 's post at #4.

sarahb5, Mar 11, 3:47pm
A chilly bin works like a thermos - it keeps food warm as well as cold

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