Christmas themed things for xmas work do

bandrach, Nov 28, 6:22am
I need your help.Have to take some christmas themed nibbly/ dessert somethings ????What would you recommend. HELP

geldof, Nov 28, 6:45am
Jo seager has a recipe for little christmas nut tarts.easy to make and nice to eat!
Choc dipped fruit.or fruitand marshmellow kebabs
Meringues lightly coloured green, red and white.

cottagerose, Nov 28, 6:53am
marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate . Put jaffa in centre of mallowpuff and spearmint leave ,cut in half and put each side of jaffa

52many, Nov 28, 7:21am
Jo Seagers Pecan pies are absolutely scrumptious. Discovered these last year and are definately on the menu this year! Easy to make as well!

winnie231, Nov 28, 7:31am
Christmas 'Cigars' ... mix fruit mince and raw grated apple together with mixed spice or cloves and cinnamon. Roll in filo pastry and bake.

bandrach, Nov 29, 3:04am
Oh thanks so much for your ideas.Will investigate the recipies now!!!

alebix, Nov 29, 3:42am
truffles.... easy peasy.

1126, Nov 29, 3:59am
I do this but use chocolate mellopuffs....just add melted white choc and the jaffa and spearmint leaves....looks like a little christmas pudding! Cute and easy xox have fun

rainrain1, Nov 29, 4:04am
You might find something useful in here, don't let the address put you off

cottagerose, Nov 29, 4:10am
Sorry. I meant to say mallowpuffs

1126, Nov 29, 6:20am
Heehee....that crossed my mind.... glad you don't go to all the work of dipping marshmello! LOL..... don't they look cute....Ican't wait to make them again this year! x

martine5, Sep 14, 1:45pm
I just thought you took a laid back approach to xmas!!