Help!!! Ideas for xmas breakfast,

kenbarbie, Dec 5, 6:31am
I am in charge of xmas breakfast this year, and need ideas.
If any one out there can help, it would be greatly appreicated.

cottagerose, Dec 5, 6:42am
croissants with camembert cheese and ham. Strawberries and rockmelon and a glass of bubbly or fruit juice.
Thats the easy way or eggs benedict is lovely if you know how to do them. Personally, I dont but had a xmas breakfast cooked by a chef a few years ago and they were lovely

willyow, Dec 5, 6:51am
Waffles made with real vanilla extract - fresh strawberries & maplesyrup -

spudbug, Dec 5, 7:08am
We are having bacon, eggs, sausages, hash browns, grilled tomato and mushrooms, pancakes with maple syrup, fresh fruit and yoghurt. We have done the croissants with ham and cheese for the past four years so I decided to do something different since we were hosting.

liamjosh, Dec 5, 7:50am
We have crossiants with ham and camebert as well, fresh fruit salad and fresh juice for kids and bubbly for mum.

lizab, Dec 5, 9:13am
We always have croissants for breakfast and to be honest, it's always just hubby and I that have them around morning tea time (too much excitement - and chocolate - in the household to sit down to breakfast on Christmas morning!!!)

cgvl, Dec 5, 10:25am
waffles, bacon, eggs, grilled banana, maple syrup, hollandaise sauce, mix of nice fresh fruit, orange juice with bubbles and a nice coffee and also have warm crossants available with a nice fresh raspberry or strawberry jam if anyone is still hungary lol.
basically make all the above and people help themselves.

Next meal is Xmas Dinner and then if anyone wants anything else in the evening its help yourself from the fridge.

pedro28, Sep 30, 4:42pm
thankyou guys that food for thought