Low carb or wholefood breakfast ideas please

catsmeat1, Apr 29, 8:47am
Hi, I'm endeavouring to eat better and have cut down on the carbs and tend to eat pretty healthily. I'm finding it relatively easy to find ideas for lunches and dinners but would like some suggestions for breakfasts. Cheers

kirinesha, Apr 29, 10:04am
Come and have a look at our low carb web site: www.lowcarbcooking.co.nz - piles of recipes and there's a breakfast thread in "the Cafe", under Recipes

beaker59, Apr 29, 10:08am
HA HA HA lots of info on the other thread, is this a wind up?

kirinesha, Apr 29, 10:20am
Perhaps they haven't seen the other threads? Not everyone lives here!

catsmeat1, Apr 30, 9:03am
Thanks kirinesha, I had seen your website, but had not realised there was a forum, had only looked at the main page with recipes. LOL will now have a better look around. I'll obviously have to do some further research though as I have found my gut cannot tolerate flaxseed or nuts. Interesting as I have never been fond of nuts.
And no it's not a windup, the low card thread is soooo long at 148 pages it would take me days to sift through it on my dial up.
Thanks again for the headsup to the forum on the site,

maxwell.inc, Apr 30, 9:08am
If you cant tolerate seeds or nuts. . then I would look into the GAP's diet (which is low carb by default) low tolerance to nuts and seeds, wheat and gluten can indicate Leaky Gut Syndrome.

catsmeat1, Apr 30, 9:35am
Where would I find more info on GAP's diet? - I tried googling it, but not much joy.
Will look more into the Leaky Gut Syndrome - at this stage I'm getting lots of ticks for the symptoms, but sometimes it is easy to do that for every sort of disorder. My main problem with nuts and seeds is that about 60 to 90 minutes after eating them I get pain in my stomach, so I could call that a 'food allergy'.

maxwell.inc, Apr 30, 9:54am
Yeah thats all part of leaky gut/IBS etc

Just google GAPS diet Leaky gut syndrome that will bring u up heaps but heres a good start point

http://www.gaps. me/preview/? page_id=28

catsmeat1, Mar 19, 11:40am
Just read the breakfast recipies on the lowcarb website, so porridge is OK, or bircher meusli? ?