Savoury Breakfast ideas for visitors

rog.e, May 20, 11:34pm
Seven - Three adults (two are men) and four children uner 8, whi seem to eat anything offered them.

Will have fresh fruit mixed into a tin of tropical fruit salad. Toasted bread, Vegemite, jam, and peanit butter.

Have thought of smoked fish kedgeree but need a couple more ideas.

kirinesha, May 20, 11:40pm
I make this as my version of Bubble & Squeak - top it with poached eggs!

Bubble & Leek (this is for one - multiply up)


1/4 thinly sliced leek
1 1/2 cups sliced cabbage
Salt and pepper
1/4t smoked paprika
1 egg
1/4 cup cheese chunks
Rasher of cooked chopped bacon


Soften cabbage and leek in microwave a couple of minutes.
Let cool a little, mix through an egg, s&p, smoked paprika (my spice of the moment) bacon and chunks of cheese.
Press in to an oiled 4" ring (or oiled or lined muffin tin)
Bake at 190 for 30 mins.
Cover after 10-15 mins so it doesn't burn
Serve topped with fried or poached egg if desired

purplegoanna, May 20, 11:47pm
oooh do bacon and egg au gratin, boil and slice or quarter eggs into a casserole dish, fry diced bacon and onion then make into a cheese sauce, pour over the eggs and top with tomato slices, grated cheese and breadcrumbs, bake quickly until bubbling and brown ontop... . . devine with toast...

rog.e, May 21, 1:23am
I am drooling here:-) and can't wait to eat both these suggestions.

Two breakfasts to do.

So thank you. Any more ideas also appreciated as I often have breakfasts to serve up for guests and I do not eat or serve sweet cereals.

uli, May 21, 1:26am
Savoury breakfast?

In Germany you would get a basket full of fresh bread and buns (crispy crusty and warm) including black bread, pumpernickel, white bread, croissants and some rolls or buns.

A plate with 3 or 4 varieties of cheese sliced or as a section in the case of brie.

A plate with 3 to 5 versions of cold cuts including salami, ham, raw smoked ham and various "sausage" types that get sliced like lunchoen meat here.

Eggs in one form or another. Often soft boiled and served in egg cups, or scrambled or a pan full of bacon and eggs (the eggs go over the cut up bacon at the bottom).

Some jars of jam and honey and nut butter and lots of fresh cultured butter.

Some people also serve tomatoes and gherkins and mustard or a savoury quark mixed with chives and pepper and salt.

Then everybody takes what they like. Most people start savoury and eat a couple of slices of bread or a bun towards the end of breakfast topped with jam or honey.

elliehen, May 21, 1:35am
Frittata - sort of heavyweight omelette - cut into wedges for serving.

rog.e, May 21, 1:38am
That is so MY kind of breakfast uli.
That's a jaw-dropping spread.

I like cold meats and cheeses etc for breakfast. I am seen as having strange tastes in food lol.

alebix, May 21, 11:20am
I have heard of having a steak breakfast... . well ok, that will be good for the blokes but you can make pancakes for the kids... ours Love it. .

seb28, May 21, 6:55pm
lol Uli. . same here! I come from a dutch household! Love breakfast at mum and dad's when I visit for the weekend!

skippie1, May 21, 9:00pm
uli, same here, dutch in this house, but have german ancestry. Love my bread.

uli, May 22, 2:11am
Would have thought you are Australian - with that username LOL :)

ruby19, May 22, 2:19am
Corn fritters with avo, sour cream and chilli sauce. creamy mushrooms on toast. Welsh raebit.

seaspray1, May 22, 2:28am
Or corn fritters Benedict. Use the fritter in place of muffin and top with ham/spinach/salmon, poached egg and hollandaise.

bedazzledjewels, May 22, 2:29am
Great suggestion Uli where people help themselves. Wonderful breakfast too.
Whatever you decide, try to make it as easy to prepare as possible.

uli, May 22, 2:44am
Yep - nobody would stand in the kitchen cooking breakfast for everybody LOL - that seems to be an English tradition. We just carry everything out of fridge and cupboard onto the table and start eating LOL :)

greerg, May 22, 5:08am
Eggs benedict with or without smoked salmon a big favourite here.

paix1, May 22, 9:12am
... ... ... . uli, when came I come to your house for brekky? ? True Kiwi here, but remember great brekkies like that when I visited Essen & Frankfurt about 40 yrs ago! ! !

skippie1, May 22, 11:32am
uli, my trade name is an abbreviatian of my dutch maiden name.

nzhel, May 22, 1:06pm
When we did a long trip around Europe a couple of years back we stayed in many hotels and had bread rolls, cheese, ham and cold meats for breakfast plus several other foods offered. At first we thought the meats for breaky were very strange - but soon got well used to the idea and really looked forward to it!

uli, May 22, 9:33pm
nzhel - while it is obviousy not a low carb breakfast that is being served in Germany - it is lower in carbs than the typical "healthy" English/American breakfast with porridge (carbs), orange juice (carbs), pancakes (carbs) and syrup (carbs) plus toast (carbs) and jam/honey (carbs).

And because full fat cheese, eggs and meat/sausage is more filling than the low fat English/American breakfast most people do not eat as many slices of bread as they would if just served toast.

I have heard of people claiming that they actually lost weight while touring Europe despite eating all that "rich" foodLOL :)

chchgurl, May 22, 11:12pm
OMG! I am so making this

buzzy110, May 28, 6:11pm
Yes uli. I actually lost a few kilos when I 'did Germany' eating breakfast meats and cheese and some of the pickles only. This had to be because we never felt hungry so come lunchtime, we just bought a hot 'sausage' from a food hall or similar. Never learnt what it was, but there was a big pot of fat sausages simmering away at a butcher stall wherever we were. I pointed and said "dunker" (or something similar that meant thank you) paid my money and off we'd sally, full till dinnertime.