Savoury Crepes Recipes

maysept, Jan 20, 1:26am
Does anyone have a savoury crepe/pancake filling recipe they've tried and enjoyed? Yes, there are lots on the net, but I'd like one a real person has tried and had success with. (Wanting to cook something a bit different for a 'meat and 3 veg' person.)Thanks

fifie, Jan 20, 2:00am
I sometimes make a lunch dish which my lot like with ordinary crepes fairly thin, make a white cheese sauce add some pre cooked diced bacon bits, diced onion, chopped garlic, diced pepper, s/p, chopped parsley.Spread some of the sauce mix on a crepe roll up and place in a greased dish, or adish lined with baking paper, with the seam underneath to hold it together. Any sauce left over pop a little on top of crepe sprinkle with grated cheese and a little paprika.Pop under grill for a few mins till golden. Serve with a salad..

maysept, Jan 20, 2:56am
That sounds good, just the kind of thing I had in mind- thanks!

rema, Jan 20, 4:40am
Hi I make a silverbeet savoury crepe, cook silverbeet, add to a cheese sauce, again as in #2, any sauce left over - pop on top

dezzie, Jan 20, 4:47am
I used to make a seafood crepe, thick white sauce with whatever types of fish and shellfish you like chopped into it, some lemon zest and juice, fill crepes, roll, grate cheese over and grill.

My kids used to love roast chicken ones, leftover roast chicken and stuffing, mixed with leftover gravy, a quick "nuke" to heat it all through, then into your crepes

juliewn, Jan 20, 11:15am
Hi.. I've just got home from having dinner with my Malaysian Indian friend.. she made savoury pancakes for dinner.. using half semolina and half flour for the pancakes, and added finely chopped onion to the mix too.

With them she served three filling dishes..

Baked mullet with lemon - she placed the lemon wedges inside the whole fish, then wrapped it all in foil and baked it.. was delicious..

Another filling was a kumara and other vegetable curry dish.. with added chopped coriander and spices.

The third was dried white beans, cooked earlier, then mixed with herbs, spices and vegetables.. very flavoursome.


We've had an occasional Sunday morning tradition with another friend for some years - pancakes eaten outside here or there.. and using these savoury fillings:

Savoury tomato:
Place the contents of a can of your favourite chopped tomatoes into a saucepan.. add finely chopped onion, shallot or garlic if you want.. simmer till the veges are tender.. thicken with a little flour/cornflour and water - or instead of using water, use some of the juice from the tomatoes before placing them into the saucepan. Add some chopped basil or parsley if you want.. bacon or ham pieces is good added too.. Season to taste.

Grate some cheddar cheese - tasty is great - place in a microwave proof bowl. Mix 1/4 to 1/2 tsp mustard - either powder or mixed - into 1/4 cup of milk, then stir through the grated cheese. Zap until the cheese has melted and stir all together well. Zap a little longer to heat the ingredients through, mix well and it's ready to serve. Some grated onion added is nice too.. as is chopped parsley.. a little blue cheese can be added too..

Smoked fish in a white sauce is also nice..

Most savoury fondue sauces could be used too..

Hope these help.. enjoy :-)

maysept, Jan 20, 8:37pm
Yum- some lovely ideas here, thanks folks!

vashti, Feb 15, 11:52am
Can you make them all at once and keep them warm somehow without spoiling, so you can all sit down together to eat?