Savoury bread cases - mini muffin tin size?

bo0tsey, Oct 25, 9:44pm
Am wanting to make these for my birthday work shout, would they work in mini size? And if anyone has made them before how long would I cook them for?

greerg, Oct 26, 4:33am
Our caterers them at work and they are fine.I don't think the cooking time would differ - round 10 minutes but just watch them and take them out when the bread edges start to brown.

bo0tsey, Oct 26, 6:42am
Thanks heaps :-)

Do you know of quantities to use?
There were some good recipes listed but none with proper quantities. Am wanting to make egg, cheese, bacon and creamed corn ones

greerg, Oct 26, 8:00am
No I just add things till it looks right but you'd only need about 2/3 of a cup of filling per 1 dozen mini muffins so I think if you used an egg,2 tbspns of milk, 1/4 cup grated cheese,1/4 cup creamed corn and a little finely diced lightly cooked bacon.Miz and pour into muffin tins making sure you spread the solids evenly you'd be fine.It's not too precise.You could use an extra egg and reduced the corn if you preferred.

bo0tsey, Oct 26, 8:15pm
Sweet sounds good! Was rifling through the Edmonds cook book and found quantities there anyway for their pastry ones which would be the same

bo0tsey, Oct 26, 8:37pm
Mmm i think a little dash of sweet chilli sauce would make it delish!

bo0tsey, Oct 27, 8:41pm
Well I made a practise batch last night with not mini but smaller muffin/aptty tins from my grandma and they are pretty tasty!!

I waited till they had cooled then put them in the fridge on a plate covered in gladwrap and today they are a bit soggy :-(

How can I keep them so they will be crunchy the next day?
Or will I have to get up early before work and cook them?

adragon, Oct 27, 8:55pm
Bake the cases the day before or even a couple of days in advance, store in airtight container. Don't fill until just before wanting them.When ready to use put back in trays if wanted fill with premade filling and heat.I make a thick white or cheese sauce and just change flavouring to suit. ie chicken and asparagus, ham and cheese, smoked fish and dill etc.

bo0tsey, Oct 27, 9:19pm
We don't have an oven to cook them in at work tho!

Could I do a white sauce base in the microwave and then add the other ingredients?

adragon, Oct 27, 9:24pm
Yes you can make white sauce in the microwave and do the fillings that way. Do you have a pie warmer or maybe you can borrow one?Just a thought.If so fill at home and heat in the pie warmer.

bo0tsey, Oct 27, 9:35pm
There is a very little bench top oven, I guess its a pie warmer but we have 20 staff and it would fit probably only up to 10 at a push!

My white sauce making skills are nil tho, it would have to packet stuff? lol

vashti, Oct 27, 10:32pm
Good on you for shouting your mates, have a happy birthday.

bo0tsey, Oct 27, 10:54pm
You get a lot of stick here if you don't do a bday shout!!

Very spoilt too.. usually about 4 or 5 choices of things. Will be interesting, first job in an office environment so first bday shout

bo0tsey, Oct 28, 8:30pm
bump - can i use a packet mix cheese/white sauce?

greerg, Oct 28, 9:23pm
You could but have you tried making it in the microwave - very hard to go wrong.

bo0tsey, Jun 29, 7:02pm
No I haven't I might give it a go this wknd, I think I'd leave out the egg tho and do a sauce/ingredients mixture