Maccas breakfast sauce

angel404, Aug 11, 2:49am
anyone know how to make it? i know it is similar to hollandaise sauce, but for the life of me i cant make anything that tastes as yum as that does! !

cookessentials, Aug 12, 10:07am
I am pretty sure there is a USA site that gives you copies of various recipes made by the likes of MacDonalds, KFC etc. Perhaps try Googling "MacDonalds hollandaise sauce recipe, it may come up for you.

ferita, Aug 12, 6:57pm

angel404, Aug 13, 12:34pm
thanks for that. ill give it a go!

angel404, Jan 22, 8:57am
ill try the mayo version but they also use the same stuff as hollandaise sauce. if i use a normal H. sauce recipe it seems to lemony. might omit the lemon and then see what it tastes like.