Fresh Salmon - Christchurch

petmacorpltd, Apr 8, 2:54am
I need to purchase about 12kg fresh salmon (sides) for a wedding this weekend. Is Akaroa Salmon the best, if so, is the best purchase place the outlet in Pope Street?

rivercottage1, Apr 8, 3:49am
i would think so.

suzanna, Apr 8, 11:32am
Give Isacc's salmon farm McLeans Island a call. When I catered for a 50th birthday party a couple of years ago I was given a very good deal at my regular supermarket as my order was large so you could try that avenue too.

mackenzie2, Apr 10, 8:33am
Akaroa Salmon is fantastic, I only ever order it via their website, as I do not live in chch. stunning flavour and colour.

aj.2., Apr 10, 8:38am
I buy my fish from Theos, very fresh , and a great range.
Yes you can place a order for the salmon.
Sea raised salmon has best taste over pond raised , and I think theos get their fish from the sounds.
I pin bone the fillets first , skin it , then cut it into the size that want to use it.

devine-spark, Oct 17, 1:00am
Akaroa salmon is tops. Bought both a fillet and some hot smoked pieces today. Great stuff.

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