Recipes with dessert apples?

ericaandthomas, Mar 19, 3:44am
Does anyone have a good way to use up dessert apples? We have a couple of young braeburn and royal gala trees, and they've produced lots of small apples - not really big and sweet enough to enjoy eating by themselves but probably too sweet to cook in a pie. (Next year I'll cull most of the unripe apples so the trees will put more energy into fewer apples).

Anyone have some good ways to cook them up?

nauru, Mar 19, 6:27am
They would be fine for pies, no need for sugar. I often use dessert apples for pies if they are cheaper than pie apples. They are also good lightly stewed and used as topping for breakfast cereals & porridge. Use in muffins, make apple cake, filling for pancakes, make jams, jellies, chutney.

floralsun, Mar 19, 10:36am
To get larger fruit, keep your trees fertilised and well watered - you'll notice the difference.

kaddiew, Mar 19, 8:06pm
I usually buy Braeburn as cooking apples, because while just sweet enough to eat raw, they're also quite tart, and perfect for cooking as poster #2 suggests.

eljayv, Mar 19, 8:15pm
Yes I agree, I have been cooking royal gala and freezing while they are cheap. They are lovely naturally sweet. I have to make apple shortcake this weekend and I will use them for that too.

rainrain1, Mar 20, 5:02am
Edmonds fruit sponge recipe, in hot pudd section

nauru, Mar 20, 6:20am
I've made some apple pies for the freezer and will cook up some more pie filing for later. I made some Apple & Grape jam today too, made in my breadmaker from Gala apples and Grapejuice. Our grapevine has been laden this year so I have spent a few afternoons juicing and I now have a good supply of grape juice in the freezer for later use.

gaspodetwd, Dec 10, 5:42pm
Just chop them up, put in a cake tin and top with the classic victoria sandwich mix (4/4/4/2) and bake for longer. Makes a fruit sponge. Easy.

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