Pasta Dough

pennyo, Jul 6, 4:30am
Can someone tell me, are you supposed to dust the pasta with flour as you roll it out, or does it mean I';ve made the dough too sticky if I need to do this? If I don't add flour it seems to get stuck in the rollers and stick to itself when it comes through too.

Other than that it seems fine.

julie55, Jul 6, 5:10am
Dust the dough lightly to prevent sticking and also dust the pasta machine as well. I puts a light surface on the dough.

samanya, Jul 6, 6:20am
This. ^^^^.
I seldom have this happen, maybe it depends on the size of the egg, but if it does,. what julie55 is just the ticket. Good luck.
Edited to add . maybe my pasta wouldn't pass the MasterChef standards, but it's delicious for me!

whitehead., Jul 7, 3:42am
palenta the fine one i use one egg and about 3/4 of a cup of flour work it into a dough and dush with the palenta then let rest befour putting through the rollers . yumm

whitehead., Jul 7, 3:43am
you cook in salted water

lythande1, Jul 7, 3:50am
If anything mine can be a bit crumbly the first pass through, then it holds together and is perfect by the last pass.

eaglefan, Jul 7, 4:00am
POLENTA I think you mean. Makes dough very yellow though, prefer fine Semolina ourselves :)

pennyo, Jul 7, 6:38am
Ok next question - cleaning the machine. the instructions say not to wash it, and so far I've just brushed the fliour out and it's been fine. But last night a big lump got stuck in one of the rolelrs. It's now dried and it kind of chipping away but I really feel it needs a wash, will it wreck the machine if I wash it?

unknowndisorder, Jul 7, 6:42am
Yip, there are probably screws on the side you can take out.

glasshalfull, Jul 7, 6:44am
Definitely don't put it in water. The piece will dry further and hopefully will fall out.
Another tip with pasta that you are probably already doing is to make it, roll it up in gladwrap in a ball and rest it for an hour before you need it.

samanya, Jul 7, 7:35am
exactly , I put mine through the machine until it's sort of silky smooth . you can tell. it sort of changes, doesn't it?

nauru, Jul 7, 8:56am
Never immerse in water. I use a bamboo skewer or toothpick to dislodge any dried bits, then give a good brush out and dust with a clean tea towel and store. I know this sounds fussy but it seems to work for me.

samanya, Jul 8, 5:41am
I bought my pasta machineoverseas . many years ago, before they were readily available at a reasonable cost here & I do what you do . have never washed it .

beaker59, Mar 31, 6:19pm
If your dough is too sticky then it needs more flour and more resting probably the former. I run mine in the food processor and it took me a while to get the "look" which is basically a fine couscous type texture more flour or egg if required then press into a slab wrap in plastic and rest for half an hour. I don't use a recipe just a cup of high grade flour a bit of salt and an egg, mix and add what's required until it has that "look", pasta needs experience which you get by having a go. I am convinced its not as hard as some people would make out.

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