I have 2 packets of sponge fingers

korbo, Feb 24, 11:00pm
other than making tirimuso (sp)
what else could I use them for. There is only 2 of us, tho suppose could invite a friend for dessert. thx

terraalba, Feb 24, 11:17pm
Summer pudding if you have lost of berries. You line the bowl with cling foil and then line that with the sponge fingers.When the pudding is set you can turn it upside down on a plate and the sponge fingers give it an appealing appearance.

I think this is nicer than the version with bread as the surface.
If a packet is still unopened, you could freeze it while you search for other recipes.

gilligee, Feb 24, 11:51pm
Pop them in the freezer for use with above suggestions when you have visitors coming.

punkinthefirst, Feb 25, 1:34am
You could just use them as a dry biscuit with a cuppa, if you were feeling lazy.
Use in place of sponge cake in a trifle, use in place of biscuit chunks in that chocolate cake made with biscuits and ganache-type mixture. Crumble them and make truffles.
Like the idea of the summer pudding.

korbo, Feb 25, 6:17am
what is a summer pudding, how is it made

245sam, Feb 25, 6:21am

poppy500, Feb 25, 8:27am
Crush them up in Annabel Langbeins chocolate slice (freezes well)

They last for years themselves in the pack as long as not open- just sit on them until you need to take a dessert somewhere.

clawed2, Oct 8, 8:44am
Sandwich tpgether with whipped cream and Ice with choc icing. Look like cream puffs

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