George Foreman Breadmakers

teddiesbearall, Jan 18, 9:12pm
Quite sometime ago I purchased a George Foreman Breadmaker from Briscoes. I didn't use it for quite sometime and then yesterday decided to give it a go. Four loaves of bread later and they are all fails. Can anyone help me with this problem as to what I maybe doing wrong?
All ingredients were brand new and water lukewarm as recipe stated and even though I followed recipe to the 't' they still all failed. Very frustrating to say the least.
Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem. help please :)

Many thanks :)

sossie1, Jan 18, 9:15pm
Try the Edmonds breadmaker yeast.
my old breadmaker was rubbish, gave it away, and then I managed to get a 2nd hand Panasonic-brilliant breadmaker

teddiesbearall, Jan 18, 9:37pm
Thank you sossie1. From what I have been reading it seems Panasonic bread makers have the best name. I shall get some Edmonds Breadmaker yeast and give that a go as have been using Tasti.
What is your number on breadmaker please?

Jean :)

razell, May 5, 9:57am
If you can be bothered, post the recipe you have been using.

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