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jan2242, Apr 5, 2:11am
has anyone got a good tried and true recipe please? Haven't had these for many years and would love a good recipe. Thanks.

iriegirl, Apr 5, 2:27am
This is a favourite at my place, it's from the Country Calendar Cookbook with Allyson Gofton. It's quite rich with the cream but very tasty :o)

pickles7, Apr 5, 2:38am
Flag the sausages, and buy some nice steak. it would be cheaper for sure.

OR. if you do not have the spices to make a curry,

jan2242, Apr 5, 2:47am
Thanks lots. Gosh steak, now what does that taste like again LOL? Far too expensive here to ever buy. I try to not eat anything out of packets, like the soup mix etc, so am looking for a recipe with ordinary ingredients I guess.

pony_girl, Apr 5, 2:52am
I use about 1 kilo sausages. Cover with water, bring to the boil and simmer for about 20 minutes, the sausages will take on water and swell up.
Remove sausages from water (but save the water they were cooked in). Cut the sausages into pieces (usually about 5 slices per saussy)
If possible, chill the water so you can remove the fat off the top - or if it doesn't look like there is too much fat, then just continue with recipe .
Slice a couple of onions and sauté slowly in a little oil for about 10 minutes, then add 1 tablespoon (more or less - to taste) of curry powder, keep stirring over the heat so you release the oils from the curry spices for a minute or two.
Then tip the water the sausages were cooked in over the onions ( I do it all in the same large saucepan) and I then add chopped carrots and celery (you can add other veggies that you have, but put ones that don't take as long to cook in a bit later ) and season with salt.
Put the lid on the saucepan and simmer for 1/2 an hour or so, until all the veggies are cooked (can throw in some frozen pea in the last few minutes for a bit more colour).
Lastly add the sausages back to the mix - and then thicken with a couple of teaspoons of cornflour (which you have mixed with some cold water so it is a liquid) stir till thick and add any other seasonings or flavourings that you like ( I add a good glug of tomato or plum sauce to it).

jan2242, Apr 5, 3:04am
pony_girl, that sounds just perfect. Many thanks for sharing.

pony_girl, Apr 5, 3:06am
You are most welcome - hope you enjoy it :-)

pickles7, Apr 5, 3:47am
Maggi soup or curry no matter. Spices do not last for ever, it is cheaper to buy the pkts than the spices, if you don't have them on hand. I make my own curry powders often to use up the spices that are near the end of their shelf life.
I near gagged at the thought of eating the water the sausages were boiled in. That is where the pkts. of soup you buy will be best used.

redphoenix3, Apr 5, 4:25am
two i googled for the man, who informs me this is what he would like for tea *sigh* i HATE curried sausages.

socram, Apr 5, 4:26am
Sausages - $18.99 a kilo. Pork rump (no fat at all) now 12.99 a kilo. I always thought sausages were supposed to be a cheap meal. Unless you buy the disgusting sawdust and breadcrumb type, they do seem far too expensive.

lovelurking, Apr 5, 4:54am

redphoenix3 (162 162 positive feedback) 4:25 pm, Sat 4 Apr #9

I cooked this a couple of nights ago. It was really easy and probably the best I've ever made.

pickles7, Apr 5, 5:20am
We really don't eat sausages, they are crammed full of additives. I eat a low carb diet so it is only my husband that would eat them. Steak, that we can eat and enjoy, is cheap.

pony_girl, Apr 5, 6:18am
I don't think the OP really cares what you eat pickles - they asked for a recipe for curried sausages, so I shared mine . if you would like to make comments on steak, go and search for a thread about steak !

paora-tm, Apr 5, 7:04am
lol I like curried sausages occasionally in spite of what they do or do not contain.

onyka, Apr 5, 7:38am
Slice sausages season with a bit of salt n pepper and fry off when they are cooked add the onion and then add Watties butter chicken sauce from the can, 200mls cream and 100mls water and simmer on low for 10 minutes making sure to stir turn off after 10 minutes add a cup of baby peas and let sit for 5 mins serve with basmati, or jasmine rice.

vashti, Apr 5, 9:56am
Ponygirl, my mum made curried sausages to a recipe like that. Gee I'd like a plateful right now.

pony_girl, Apr 5, 9:34pm
Thanks Vashti - it is actually surprisingly good :-)

kiwiscrapper1, Apr 5, 10:04pm
I get home killed meat and son hunts so often venison sausages and they are both delish and butchers are also now making 'real' sausages but yes just as expensive as steak, I haven't done curried sausages for years and hubby loves them so on the menu for this week. I have never had a recipe but probably the 'Nanas' recipe would be closest, not sure why but mother always added sliced boiled egg! Also peas and carrots and we just had them with mashed potatoes :-)

jan2242, Apr 5, 10:29pm
pony_girl - the sausages were awesome. Thanks for the recipe, it's a keeper.

janeny1, Apr 6, 2:46am
Microwave curried sausages (from Microwave the New Zealand way by Glennys Raffills)
6-8 beef sausages, 2 T flour, 1 T brown sugar, 1+1/2 cup hot water,1 T soy sauce. 1-2 t curry powder (to taste), 1 T malt vinegar, 1 T worcestershire sauce, 2 T tomato sauce, 1 grated carrot, 1 grated onion, 1 grated apple.
Prick sausages and place in a microwave casserole dish. Mix flour, vinegar,,brown sugar and curry powder in a litre jug. Stir in hot water until well mixed. Pour over sausages cover and cook on Hi for 5 minutes. Stir well, add apple , onion and carrot and continue cooking for 5 minutes. Stir again. Reduce power to 50% (medium) and cook until sausages and vegetables are tender (5-10 minutes) Add salt and pepper to taste
What I actually do ---- mix the sauce first in the casserole dish,add the sausages which I cut into chunks and cook as above. I omit the grated carrot and serve with rice and vegetables. I bring water to the boil in my pasta pot, add Watties frozen vege and bring back to the boil, add rice and cook until rice is done. It is easy to time this so the sausages and the rice are ready at the same time,,,,,, tea done ! .

janeny1, Apr 6, 2:49am
For devilled sausages I use the Alison and Simon Holst recipe which is easily found using google. Ask if you want me to put it up here. Sometimes we have leftovers of this so I mix cooked rice into it and use as a pie filling or top with mashed potato in ramekins

pickles7, Apr 6, 4:10am
Don't be silly, it suits me to share in here. OP is happy, made the sausage dish and loved it. All is good.

pickles7, Apr 6, 6:47am
You left out grandpa's teeth.

jessie981, Apr 6, 8:43am
Cheat & buy Maggi Curried Sausages Pkt x 2.Cut sausages into bite size pieces, carrots & onions. Don't spoil with pre-fried sausages.

pickles7, Apr 6, 8:52am
yeah. There is nothing wrong with Maggi products. I always think if you have to ask " how to" in here . CHEAT ! lol

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