Recipe for homemade protein balls/bars

mothergoose4, Dec 10, 2:29am
Does anyone here make their own protein balls/bars using Protein powder? Would love a recipe

motorbo, Dec 10, 7:28pm
im guessing you could add it to a basic mix, i dont have ratio`s down pat but i go with:
peanut butter - or other nut butter - about 2 to 3 tablespoons
cacao powder 1 tablespoon
vanilla 1/2 teaspoon
1/2 cup of coconut
raisins or dates about 1 cup
nuts - i usually use almonds
seeds - often add some linseeds, pumpkin, sunflower about 1 cup
i always start by whizz the seeds nuts to a fine powder or close to it, remove then add the dates or raisins, you can soak the fruit in a small amount of water if you want to but i only do this for dates.
i then add it all together and whizz. you could add the protein powder now, my ratios are a guess because i go on. something that will stick and hold into a ball and taste nice and chocolaty . i then roll in coconut and keep in container in the fridge

wildflower, Dec 11, 2:38am
I use this one but lately I substitute the honey for almond or coconut milk and I usually up the protein powder and decrease the oat flour. I use whatever flavour protein powder I have, usually chocolate.

marcs, Apr 24, 7:04pm
Look up raw balls on google.