Something different to have with roast lamb?

molly37, Sep 6, 4:43am
Family coming for dinner tomorrow night. Requesting Roast. Instead of doing the usual i wanted to do something different for accompaniments. Thinking of doing slow roasted lamb. Any ideas? Oh. i'm not the greatest cook!

bisloy, Sep 6, 4:55am
This has become our all-time fave -
Channa Dahl
Assemble the spices -
1t freshly grated ginger
3 cloves garlic, crushed
2t garam masala
2t cumin
2t ground corriander
1/4t tumeric
1t yellow mustard seed
Optional; 2t paprika, 1/2t chilli powder
Heat 2T vegetable oil in a large fry pan. Cook 1 chopped onion until lightly browned.
Add ginger spices and mustard seeds. Cook stirring until fragrant.
Add a tin of crushed tomatoes, 2T cocnut cream, 1t salt and a tin of drained chickpeas.
Cook, stirring, until the mixture has thickened.
This is AMAZING with pumpkin and really lovely with lamb.
Try it. It is really simple to make if you assemble the spices, ginger and garlic in a plate to add altogether and drain the chickpeas earlier.
Serve with lamb, carrots and peas or beans. Pretty and yummy.

uli, Sep 6, 5:09am
very hard to comment if we do not know what is "the usual".

davidt4, Sep 6, 5:17am
Tell us what you usually accompany the roast lamb with and maybe we can help.

When I make slow-roasted lamb shoulder I usually serve it with a spicy pilaf which includes various nuts and dried fruits, plus a leafy green vege like silverbeet, spinach or amaranth dressed with butter or olive oil and preserved lemon.

Another good accompaniment is a big bowl of home made hummus and a big green salad.

molly37, Sep 6, 5:35am
Usual for us would be roast spuds, yams, pumpkin, steamed broccoli etc. With pork i'd usually do crackling, beef id make Yorkshire puds.

ange164, Sep 6, 5:37am
you could go for Moroccan flavors and serve with flavoured up couscous and fresh nibbly type foods.

awoftam, Sep 6, 5:41am
Yip, this is always a winner. A great 'sauce' to accompany is:

lemon juice

Whizz up together. Delicious - great on anything actually!

rainrain1, Sep 6, 5:53am
4-5 medium beetroot, peeled and cut into 2cm wedges
2 Tbls brown sugar
1 Tblsp balsamic vinegar
salt and ground black pepper
Oven 180dC, put beet in dish lined with baking paper, mix with above ingredients. Spread to single layer.
Roast 40-45 mins til tender and just starting to shrivel

molly37, Sep 6, 6:33am
Great idea but we are having Couscous tonight with a large salad and chicken for tea. Might just do something easy, another salad with crispy roast spuds. Dont fancy being in the kitchen all evening.

molly37, Sep 6, 6:33am
Oh yum, i've never roasted beetroot, and that sounds good. thanks

awoftam, Sep 6, 7:20am
It is divine. I don't use sugar, as beetroot is sweet enough for me and roasting enhances its sweetness, so bear this in mind when roasting your own.

rainrain1, Sep 6, 9:05am
Thank Annabel Langbein :-)

lil_angel_kel, Sep 16, 9:00pm
I often do a roast vege and couscous salad with feta with my roast lamb :)

Yum I might do this for dinner tonight :)

sampa, Sep 16, 10:47pm
Hi Molly, you're not alone at eyeing the more usual winter roast veg fair and thinking - 'Really, again?' - and feeling a bit bored with the whole deal. Don't forget though that nearly any veg can be roasted and doing a mixed lot of different veg from those you've mentioned above can also have the benefits of being quicker, easier, providing a wider selection of flavours and nutrients and, probably most important right about now, relieving tired taste buds of the same old, same old. The link I'm adding here is meant to provide guidelines for the concept. not to be followed faithfully because A - some of those veg are out of or not in season so either expensive or not available right now and B - I don't know what you might have that needs using up or have easy access to or do or don't like. You can still include things like pumpkin (just cut it smaller) and onions (red ones are nice) etc. Lots of room to play around.

sampa, Sep 16, 10:54pm
Just checked the dates and realised that you're family dinner will have come and gone by now but, never mind, someone might benefit from the idea. :)

sue-ellen, Sep 17, 4:49am
thanks sampa - this is one i am saving - looks yum!

sampa, Oct 21, 12:17am
You are very welcome, hope you enjoy!

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