Apple in slaw, will it go brown?

uli, Aug 30, 6:14am
As long as you use vinegar in the dressing it will be white.

kay141, Aug 30, 6:18am
I think the apple may be a little more than brown by now. The thread is nearly 12 months old.

rainrain1, Aug 30, 6:41am
Tricky old bumped threads eh what

nauru, Aug 30, 7:31am
Yep, gets me sometimes as you read through only to realise it's an old one.

rainrain1, Aug 30, 7:33am
Me too, then I see my name, and think oh gosh, why did I say that lol

sylvia, Aug 31, 10:05pm
I am making a slaw for pulled pork buns for lunch and it has grated apple in it. If I grate it now and incorporate it with a vinaigrette will it go brown by 1pm? ( it's 10am now) thanks.

harrislucinda, Aug 31, 10:33pm
what apple ? some go brown quick and some types will be ok

sylvia, Aug 31, 10:40pm
Granny Smiths, Ta.

lilyfield, Aug 31, 10:40pm
No, I always put apple in mine and eat eat the slaw for 2 or three days, never goes brown.

sylvia, Aug 31, 10:42pm
Excellent, thank you!

wildflower, Sep 1, 2:54am
I often use some lime (or lemon juice) adds to the flavour too.

tui93, Sep 2, 6:49am
Sylvia - what dressing do you put in it? Cheers

sylvia, Nov 24, 4:14pm
Thanks everyone. Actually the dressing was part of the recipe and was based on mayo. The slaw turned out fine, and the new pulled pork from Hellers was a hit!

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