Easy vegetarian meal recipes needed

vomo2, Jan 18, 1:58am
We are having friends over from the UK and one is vegetarian. Some fresh ideas for meals would be appreciated.

pollypoo, Jan 18, 2:17am
Type Vegetarian in to the search box to the left and heaps of brilliant ideas will be yours for the taking. I use it all the time.

frances1266, Jan 18, 3:57am
will bump up the veg thread for you

hd07, Jan 18, 4:41am
I love falafel pita pockets. In a blender, add tinned (or soaked raw) chickpeas, dried cumin, dried coriander seeds, bunch of fresh parsley, couple cloves of garlic, diced red onion and rind/juice of half a lemon. Pulse blend so chickpeas just broken down, transfer to a bowl and mix with an egg and breadcrumbs to blend. Form into patties and chill for 15-30mins. Fry both sides until golden, then I bake in oven while I prepare salad stuff, to cook through. I slice lettuce, dice cucumber and tomatoes, grate cheese and carrot and put everything on a platter for kids to make up their own pita pocket. I make a yogurt dressing (unsweetened/natural yogurt with chopped fresh mint, bit of fresh lemon juice and honey) and leave sweet chilli sauce out.

Vegetarian moussaka is something my mum used to make, which was yum. Kind of like an aubergine lasagna.

treegifts, Jan 18, 5:37am
Just remember Vegetarian doesn't need to be much different from what the rest of the family is eating. Many people try and make our meals "flash" for want of a better word but if there's a roast, I'll eat the roast vegies etc, no difference. corn fritters and salad are a good fresh idea with tomato / pesto on the side or a chutney.

Falafel burgers, spinach and ricotta pasta. vegetarian quiche, or a good old fashioned vege lasagne is brill.

motorbo, Jan 18, 6:23am
tonight's dinner is potato/courgette/kamokamo dauphinoise style as im baking them with cream and thyme and I will have with fresh beans

bev00, Feb 7, 10:22am
Tingoose Roast Vege Stack

6 round tortilla wraps
1 cooked and sliced aubergine
1 cooked and sliced orange kumara
3 whole roasted red peppers
1 cup tomato chutney
2 cups baby spinach
1/2 cup mixed seeds
Place tortilla wrap in bottom of round dish and layer with cheese sauce, chutney, and sliced cooked vegetables. Repeat until all the tortillas are used and the stack is complete. Cook for 25 mins at 180 degrees.

Cheese Sauce
1 cup flour
100g butter
3 cups milk
1 cup grated cheese
Put flour and butter into a small saucepan. Mix until flour is cooked. Slowly add 3 cups of warm milk and grated cheese. Stir until thick.

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gem661, Feb 7, 3:42pm
Tasty Pizza with or without some TVP (textured vegetable protein).

vomo2, Feb 8, 8:47am
Oops I forgot, neither eat cheese

frances1266, Feb 8, 9:06am
I'll bump up the vegetarian thread for you. Lots of good vegan recipes there.

bev00, Feb 14, 10:05am
I use one of the low-fat puff pastry's. Great for Country Cottage Rolls

½ cup nuts of your choice
1 medium onion
3 eggs
1 tablespoon soy sauce
2 tablespoons fish sauce (optional)
1 cup cottage cheese (plain, low fat)
½ cup dry breadcrumbs
1 cup rolled oats
2 teaspoon mixed herbs
1 teaspoon sage
½ teaspoon salt & some pepper
3 sheets low fat puff pastry
Sesame seeds


Preheat oven on to 220°C. Prepare 2 oven trays with baking paper or silicon sheets.
In a food processer, chop the nuts (or put them in a bag and bang with a hammer) and onion into very small pieces.
Transfer to a fairly large bowl and mix in the dry ingredients except for the sesame seeds.
Break eggs into a small bowl, beat lightly and remove 1-2 tablespoons. Reserve.
Add the remaining eggs, cottage cheese, soy & fish sauces to the large bowl of dry ingredients and mix well.
Cut the pastry sheets in half and spoon mixture down one edge. Brush the other edge with milk. Roll up to enclose the mixture, place on a baking sheet and repeat with remaining sheets of pastry.
Cut each log into 6 even lengths. Prick the tops with a sharp knife or fork and brush with beaten egg. Sprinkle the sesame seeds on top.
Bake for 15-20 minutes or until crisp and golden, swapping the trays around half way.
Serve with Tomato or Sweet Chilli Sauce or any other sauce that you like.

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ruby19, Feb 16, 2:21am
Being vegetarian and having a visiting vegetarian, heres whats been popular with guests.
Home made pumpkin gnocchi
Cauliflower broccauli cheese bake
Filled pasta with a tom sauce - all shop bought for a quick dinner
Corn fritters with salad and salsa
Thai pumpkin soup
Bean enchiladas

Hope this helps

awoftam, Feb 16, 3:57am
Panzanella - a stunning salad that is a meal in itself and oh so simple! This is the recipe that I use:


2spotties, Feb 16, 6:36am
I love these Indian eggs - very easy to make and super yum

Vegetarian chilli con carne (just use chilli beans or salsa beans etc) on rice
Burgers but use big field mushrooms for theirs instead of meat patties
Cook up some cauliflower, add a tin of chickpeas and indian tomatoes and you have a yummy easy curry
Chop up mushrooms real small and use in place of mince in a spaghetti Bolognese

choosy7, Feb 16, 6:44am
Check whether they are vegetatarian or vegan.

punkinthefirst, Feb 19, 4:18pm
Borrow a copy (or buy) of Alison and Simon Holst's "Meals without Meat". In it you'll find lots of easy, tasty vegetarian recipes and ideas, with the usual attention to availability of ingredients and ease of preparation.
Recipes run the gamut from Mexican Refried Beans, soups, vege shepherd's pie (my favourite) right through to apple pie.

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