Dessert ideas for hiking trip

bob18, Jan 3, 11:14pm
thank you :) More ideas welcome

southerngurl, Jan 3, 11:54pm
Peel Bananas, sprinkle with brown sugar, add squares of chocolate, wrap in tin foil and cook. Amazing!

jen69, Jan 4, 4:39am
One of the most memorable desserts I had when tramping was one of those packet continental cheesecake mixes, made, in a Frisbee. Oh and S'mores.

kscott3, Jan 7, 7:42am
Ha ha , have been thinking of desert today too , walking kepler mid January. Foremost in my mind is weight !

bob18, Dec 29, 11:07pm
Am looking for some tasty dessert ideas. We are walking Kepler Track and we are on dessert on the 4th night.

rainrain1, Dec 30, 12:24am
packet spongy pudd

happymullen, May 17, 4:50pm
Two suggestions: dried fruit, ie apricots, sultanas, maybe a couple of dates, x 1 fresh apple. Poach gently together. Make a kind of rolled oat crumble with spare breakfast muesli, oats, butter, cinnamon, just gently fry crumble in butter and sprinkle over poached fruit.
Or dried apple slices, carry them for 3 days, on 4 th morning add water and seal,carry all day to rehydrate. Take full cream milk powder and custard powder, make custard on the night, serve with warmed apples.

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