What to do with left over Roast Lamb?

darlingmole, May 12, 6:59am
I have HEAPS left on the bone but didn't make a gravy. What would be a good way to use this up as I don't want to waste it. Thought of a pie but don't have any gravy . any ideas please?

mber2, May 12, 7:08am
cut ift off the bone and make sandwiches

stasi21, May 12, 7:15am
Wraps with feta, baby spinach, red onion, tzatziki, maybe some hummus and tomato too. YUM!

sticky232, May 12, 8:06am
Shepard's pie

freesia, May 12, 8:23am
I do shepherds pie too. Lovely with lamb instead of beef, Sometimes I do individual ones and freeze them.

sifty, May 12, 8:24am
Shepherds pie IS lamb. Cottage pie can be beef.

harrislucinda, May 12, 8:26am
good as a lot of people get this mixed up

harrislucinda, May 12, 8:27am
still can make pie as use bisto gravy mix

karlymouse, May 12, 10:02am
Best suggestion. I dislike reheated lamb

arielbooks, May 13, 12:14am
Sometimes I do shepherds pie and other times I make a curry.

darlingmole, May 13, 4:03am
thank you everyone - there is SO much left I'm making morrocan pizza, shepherd pie AND the wraps! Appreciate all your help ;-)

ljayl, May 13, 5:38am
Hubby's fav with leftover lamb is to have it curried.

gayle6, May 17, 12:12am
The dog(s) would enjoy it!

bedazzledjewels, May 17, 1:56am
You could freeze some of it to use later.

cjdnzl, Jan 16, 3:25am
Mince with onion and herbs and make fritters.

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