Plum Sauce recipe (yield)

uli, Feb 23, 11:34pm
I made plum sauce by boiling 2 pots full of plums which were about 6l of plums in each pot = 12 liters of plums.

After boiling and removing stones etc
I added vinegar and spices

and I bottled 11 one litre jars and had a bit left over for immediate use.

olwen, Feb 24, 7:17am
My Edmonds book says 2.75 kg Plums, 1.75 litres vinegar 3 cups sugar and spices.Makes 1.5 litre.

I substituted apricots and altered the spices then wondered about the output.It sound more like 4 litres to me.At the moment it's half-cooked inthe pan.What volume of bottles do I need!

greerg, Feb 24, 9:01pm
It does cook down a lot but that does sound too little.My recipe has 2.8 kg, 1.8 litres, onions and a bit more sugar than that and I got about three litres and a couple of 250 ml bottles from the last batch.

iriegirl, Feb 24, 11:30pm
I have just made your apricot sauce Greerg, it is terrific and thanks again for the recipe!

olwen, Feb 25, 2:10am
I tasted and added more sugar.Wish I'd put less vinegar.AT the moment it's sieved and being boiled again.Certainly seems over 3 litres, so I have an assortment of bottles in the oven.

cgvl, Feb 25, 5:01am
I just did 6lb plums and got 6 bottles of various sizes 4 of about 400ml, 1x 720 and a 680g jar as I ran out of wide necked bottles I guess around 3 litres all up.
mine uses 6lb (2.7 kg)plums, 3lb(1.5kg) sugar and 3pints (1.8l) vinegar and onions and spices. I would say mine is a spicy plum sauce

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