Plum Sauce

actiongirl1, Feb 14, 10:32pm
I have made plum sauce using red plums, now have been given a bag of yellow plums can they be used for sauce.Duh! lol. Yeah! I know but I have never seen yellow plum sauce before! Thank you

actiongirl1, Feb 15, 12:51am
It is ok, I just went ahead and made it, it is cooking now.phew! I hope it turns out!

iriegirl, Feb 15, 1:23am
actiongirl1, I'll bump up a plum variety thread for you and if you scroll thru it, picles7 has posted a piccie of her yellow fleshed plum sauce

actiongirl1, Feb 15, 10:00am
Thankyou for that.
Well! it's made. Altered the recipie a bit.i used white vinegar, added dates and raisins cos it tasted a bit harsh but it tastes ok now, seems a tad runny though. It is a red colour but not as darker red as the sauce I made with red plums.

actiongirl1, Feb 15, 10:01am
Tomorrow I am making my second lot of courgette relish, then cucumber and pineapple relish. Yeah Yeah. I know I am on a roll, but my friends will love me for it.

guest, Jan 11, 8:50am
This arctile keeps it real, no doubt.

guest, Jan 13, 1:41pm
Uneibbevalle how well-written and informative this was.

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