sausages in the slow cooker

rebelprincesz, Apr 27, 6:53am
anyone got a good recipe? ? ? ty

cookessentials, Apr 27, 6:57am
do you mean as a casserole or just cooking them on their own?

rebelprincesz, Apr 27, 7:05am
as a casserole... something a bit different to do with them

sherralynne, Apr 27, 8:45am
Hi, I've just looked on the Trade Me Cooks website and discovered some crockpot/slow cooker recipes that use sausages. Here's the link: php? f=10&t=195


st_allie, Apr 27, 8:50am
I don't buy supermarket sausages.

they no longer tell you how much they cost. . shelf prices are 2 for $9 etc.

at least the mad butcher tells you the price per kilo.

this week chicken legs are $ 3. 99 a kilo. I'm feeding 4 teens plus parents.
Peter helps me feed my family
great person.

antoniab, Mar 9, 4:02pm
Theres a yummy packet mix that you can get at pak n save which is good for sausage in the slow cooker - just add a can of tomatos, a sliced onion and a can off chick peas.