Where can I buy coconut flour?

darlingmole, Mar 1, 6:50am
ps: I live Auckland's north shore.Thanks anyone who knows!

akl439, Mar 1, 7:00am

malcovy, Mar 1, 7:13am

uli, Mar 1, 7:22am
Any health food shop has it.

Huckleberry farms in Auckland has it as does zenian and any bin inn.

frances1266, Mar 1, 7:26am
I.E Produce in Takapuna have it.

red45, Mar 1, 7:43pm
bin inn

lilyfield, Mar 1, 8:26pm
Make your own

accroul, Mar 1, 9:34pm
I get mine from Naturally Organic in Rosedale road.

darlingmole, Mar 1, 10:07pm
Thank you SO much everyone!

malcovy, Mar 2, 4:02am
Good luck with that one.Been there and boy did I try that.

uli, Mar 2, 7:26am
Have you done it!

Does this sound quick and easy:

lilyfield, Mar 2, 7:35am
No never done it- just know you can. I am not a fancy cook anymore these days. lost interest living on my own.

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