Roast Lamb - How long?

tahnasha, Mar 14, 10:33am
I have a 2.5kg lamb roast, if I cook it at 160, how long would you cook it for please!

rainrain1, Mar 14, 6:24pm
Couple of hours maybe more, test with a fork after that time to see what colour the juices are, as long as bloods not pouring out it will be ok.If you are doubtful then cook a bit longer.I never time my roasts

girlie271, Mar 17, 7:27pm
i usually cook bout 150 degs for about 4 hours meat just melts in your mouth and falls off the bone

twindizzy, Mar 17, 7:36pm
I would cook for a little less than they say for each stage!!page=roasting&m=359

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