Just made a Delicious Mushroom Sauce

donnabeth, Feb 13, 11:10pm
It tastes divine-but it looks like a grey sludge. It looks most unappetizing. It has lots and lots of mushrooms(needed to use up a big bag) and onions and cream, that's about it. Does it look that way because I used so many mushrooms!Is there a fix for the future!

davidt4, Feb 13, 11:16pm
That's the way a mushroom cream sauce looks.I don't find it unappetising.You could add some finely chopped parsley or tarragon to brighten it up and improve the flavour.

donnabeth, Feb 14, 12:17am
Thanks davidt4. I quite like the flavour and added some cumin and sage to the leftovers as an experiment for tomorrow. I was more concerned that over the rissoles it didn't look as good as it tasted-but we got over that bit. I was thinking of a nice mushroom soup I once madefrom a big pile of field mushrooms, but now I remember that was madefrom the stems.

lythande1, Feb 14, 1:50am
Rissoles, Ugh.
make some snacks with it, bread rounds, into muffin trays, toast, add your filling.yum.

uli, Feb 14, 3:12am
I have minced beef over bread rounds and toast any day :)

Enjoy your sauce and as davidt4 said above - just add some herbs if the grey/brown is not to your liking. I would just add a huge big green salad to the side and the colour scheme is fine.

rainrain1, Feb 14, 6:23am
My favourite mushroom sauce has no cream, but reduced down white wine and chicken stock, so very good, and I think I got the recipe off here. The flavour is intense

katalin2, Feb 14, 8:24am
I often add a dash of soy sauce to give the colour a bit of depth- and doesn't seem to alter the taste of the mushrooms.