Mushroom stock powder

sting9, Aug 30, 11:45pm
In the Wellington paper on Wednesday Alison Holst had a risotto recipe but it has mushroom powder in it, and I can't buy it anywhere. has anyone managed to buy it,say in the greater Wellington area?

johne21, Aug 31, 12:12am
Try a Binn inn store

harrislucinda, Aug 31, 4:54am
asabovethey sellit

245sam, Aug 31, 5:18am
sting9, as there is no Bin Inn in the greater Wellington area, my only suggestions would be Moore Wilson or the Mediterranean Warehouse but.....I am not a local so I cannot promise you that you will find the stock powder there - I hope these suggestions help tho'.:-))

chef1964, Aug 31, 5:58am
med foods in chch stock it
as do mercato in chch

martine5, Aug 31, 6:16am
if you contact me via my lost cat advert and give me your address i'll mail one up from chch if you want one.

stormbaby, Aug 31, 6:40am
Some of the stock powders are getting harder to find. Maggi discontinued its onion stock powder too, but I have found both here in Bin Inn in Brighton.

sting9, Aug 31, 6:47am
Hi team your right no Binn Inn in Paraparaumu where I live.The Mediterranean we have here does not sell it either.Because I want it for tommorrow night I have improvised, and will use mushroom soup powder....worth a try don't you think?Next time I am in town I will try Moore Wilson.Thanks martin5 for your kind offer, but surely I will manage to get it.If Not then I will re-jig this message and maybe you will read it!

ferita, Aug 31, 7:43am
Mushroom stock is easy to make, just make a normal vege stock but add 400g of mushrooms to it. You can also add dried powdered mushroom to the stock as well to give an extra boost.

dragonzflame, Aug 31, 10:32pm
I have used mushroom soup powder before when I made mushroom rice - it works all right, but because it contains milk powder the texture isn't quite the same. Tastes okay though :-)

obviousas, Sep 1, 1:30am
Maybe, just get a dry mushroom soup packet (Continental or Maggi)

sting9, Sep 1, 1:38am
I have brought a Maggie mushroom so will give it a try.I'm kind of guessing that I would not use the whole pkt but maybe treat it like stock powder, any thoughts? the recipe calls for 2 1/2 cups of boiling water and 2 tsp Mushroom stock there is also 1/4 cup cream.As dragonzflame pointed out the soup has milk powder in it, so maybe miss out the cream as well

obviousas, Sep 1, 2:45am
Basically,I would make my own and not be bothered with the Maggi powder. Just make some stock (pork or chicken bones) and add the mushrooms, with salt and pepper and corn flour to thicken.

frances1266, Sep 1, 2:56am
Dried mushrooms from an Asian supermarket are full of flavour.

obviousas, Sep 1, 3:18am
Yes, they are. But the flavour is different. Just like navel oranges vs tangeloes.

sting9, Sep 1, 4:22am
Thanks for all advise but bottom line is I'm not going out again tomorrow so will make do with the soup, will tell you how it goes!

sting9, Sep 3, 3:23am
The mushroom soup in the risotto worked just fine.I did have some porcini mushrooms in the cupboard so I soaked about5 of those in the hot soup and it turned out yummy

litedelites, Feb 22, 11:18pm
Hi, I would be interesed in the recipie, if you could post it some time, that would be great, thanks