Melting steak mushroom sauce

halo67, Sep 7, 11:28am
this sauces is the best, i havnt had one person not like it yet!

get a pot add a little water at the bottom put it on heat add a packet of maggi mushroom soup stir it into a paste, get a 500ml pottle of straight cream add a quarter in the pot an mix with the soup until boil. dice up half a bag of mushrooms not too thin (add lots) poor that in the pot, then stir in the rest of cream and then simmer for 10min put it aside and let it rest for 2min it should have a nice tan colour and be thickish then serve on a steak with chips. goes well with chicken too.


mecanix, Sep 7, 10:38pm
as above, but add bacon pieces.

uli, Mar 5, 4:41pm
Oh yum - maggi soup with cream - must be good :)