Made a mushroom sauce to go with steak tonight,

cherie19, Feb 23, 8:40am
tasted nice but looked like mud! I used to be able to make this, but bit outa practice i feel. I fried the chopped button mushys in butter and added a bit of sherry and then half pottle of cream. Took ages to thicken up a bit. What am i doing wrong please? Would like to be able to serve ova pasta too. Any ideas would be much appreciated as i love the stuff!

susieq9, Feb 23, 8:48am
Add a little bit of flour to your cooked mushrooms, then add the liquids. I also put a crushed clove or two of garlic with the mushrooms.

nauru, Feb 23, 9:09am
I add a clove of garlic finely chopped and a touch of soy sauce with the chopped mushrooms. It really makes a difference. We had this tonight with chicken breast.

rooty, Feb 23, 10:32am
to make mushrooms go furthur i just put a little butter in pot with the mushrooms==sprinkle a packet of mushroom soup mix--add about 1 cup of milk and stir, till mixture thickens and mushys are cooked==another steak sauce is garlic==just throw in a couple of tablespoons of chopped up garlic, into about 1/2 cup of cream and cook down thil thickens==yum

doug57, Feb 23, 10:36am
. Fry in butter, add a splash of balsamic vinegar and cream [a little cornflour if necessary to thicken... and if you want a super dooper sauce. . crumble in some blue vein cheese! YUM!

cherie19, Feb 24, 6:17am
Thanks all for your suggestions. The mushroom soup one sounds very easy although i do like the richness of the cream and sherry in my sauce. If i add a bit of conflour to the cream beforehand and then mix in, would this work? Also i did use mushrooms that were quite dark in colour, so maybe thats where the mud look came from!

lythande1, Sep 5, 6:59pm
Well you do get a grey sauce.
I saute them first, then ad ad flour to make a roux then add the cream in slowly so as not to get too much liquid.