Creamy mushroom sauce. Can you use canned mushroom

cherie19, Mar 26, 6:04am
for this please. Using a small can of mushrooms in butter sauce with the addition of some wine and cream. Recipes would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

darkestangel1, Mar 23, 6:37am
Your comemnts and suggestions please

nauru, Mar 28, 8:06am
I often make creamy mushroom sauce using a can of mushroom soup, adding slicedfresh mushrooms and a little white wine and cream, easy peasy recipe.

jimmy2102, Mar 29, 4:59am
I have not used canned mushrooms.
Fry off sliced mushrooms in a hot pan with butter and a drip of olive oil, brown. Add crushed garlic some thyme if you have it season with salt and pepper, add a drop white wine cook off add cream and reduce. Yum i could eat this on a thick slice of toast with a piece of bacon.

kinna54, Mar 29, 5:13am
Yes. I often used to do this (with the whole ones not sliced) for a quick sauce for vol a ventor breadcase fillings.