leonie11, Dec 25, 7:13am
hi there what can I do make with approx 3kgs of nz cherries! tia

biggles45, Dec 25, 7:31am
Cherry pie is yummy. Probably only need about 1 kg though.

leonie11, Dec 25, 4:38pm
ta yes will try that, thanks

bedazzledjewels, Dec 25, 6:44pm
You can freeze them whole to use during the winter.

bigsneak, Dec 25, 6:58pm

kate113, Dec 25, 8:13pm
I've made that several times now, made it yesterday using cherry liquer and think it was the best yet!

pickles7, Dec 25, 10:19pm

korban, Dec 26, 1:59am
Send them to me :)