Uses for Glace Cherries.

popeye333, Sep 26, 1:01am
I have been given heaps, and certainly dont want to waste them.

I will be using some on the top of christmas cakes, but I have about 4 kilos I think it is.

Help with any Ideas please.

glasshalfull, Sep 26, 4:23am
Send them this way. I'll eat them.

dibble35, Sep 26, 5:33am
mmmm, i'll have some to. Put them into Christmas shortbread. Make lots of cocktails.

sossie1, Sep 26, 5:43am
Glace cherry scones are awesome

amigo59, Sep 26, 5:46am
They are a good fruit, and you should find good ideas. Bake them in breads, cupcakes, scones etc. Use them on top of icecreams. Best is to Google "Uses for Glace Cherries". Good luck!

davidt4, Sep 26, 7:46am
I remember a cherry Madeira cake being a huge treat. I think it was flavoured with a little almond essence.

popeye333, Sep 26, 9:16pm
Thanks everone. yes its a hard thing to have soo many lol. I shudder to think what they would cost lol.

I did google yesterday and found a few recipes.

One thing I will be making is White Christmas, or Christmas snow as some people call it, the rice bubble and cherry slice. I love it and it will be nice with heaps of cherries in it.

One thing I did learn was that for baking its best to rinse the syrup off them and dry them before you bake, that way they dont sink to the bottom.

hjrtraders, Sep 28, 8:02am
My Mum had a recipe for a chocolate slice which had crystallized ginger chopped finely and glace cherries chopped in it. don't have the recipe but boy it was good. It will just be your basic butter, sugar, flour etc chocolate slice with chocolate icing.

rachy_21, Sep 28, 9:27am
Cherry ripe slice. Recipe is in the second Bluebells Cakery cookbook

fifie, Dec 21, 5:56am
Xmas baking, chocolate and cherries go well, Florentine slice, Rocky road etc