Cherries - One Card Special

sarahb5, Jan 10, 2:25am
Just got 800g of fresh cherries for $9.99 - One Card Special - thought I'd let all the other cherry lovers know

patxyz, Jan 10, 2:29am
800g for $9.98 at my New World.No loyalty card needed

gilligee, Jan 10, 2:54am
I do not think you were being slammed. Just more good news, thank you.

vintagekitty, Jan 10, 2:55am
Yum, i am eating them at the mo, love cherries

sarahb5, Jan 10, 3:04am
Which is a lot less than they were selling them for loose - $18.99 a kg loose

nauru, Jan 10, 5:21am
Thanks for that info sarah5, much appreciated. Going shopping tomorrow and cherries are top of our fruit list, our two Granddaughters arrive on Saturday to stay and they love them. They are so cheap, the last lot we had were nearly $20 a kg.

lythande1, Jan 10, 5:40am
Not bad, they come down to $9kg at the fruit and vege stalls though.

nauru, Jan 12, 8:22am
Bought some yesterday and they are lovely.They are the huge dark red ones and are so sweet.

uli, Jan 12, 8:28am
We had them at 6.95 at Pak"n"Save :)

nfh1, Jan 12, 9:08am
They were $18 in Countdown this afternoon.

kuaka, Jan 12, 9:41am
I bought a punnet yesterday at Countdown and the loose ones alongside were $18.99 kg.I've never seen them for less than $16 kg up this way.

uli, Jan 12, 8:22pm
Our Pak'n'Save only buys stuff on special. Otherwise it doesn't sell. They sometimes have the Australian banana prawns for $19, when the cheapest at countdown is $25. These treats are rare and not advertised. If you are lucky its your shopping day when they have them.

elliehen, Jan 13, 10:23am
I'll enter the Great Cherry Price Competition ;)

My local roadside stall sells 2kg of "seconds" for $10.They are just as sweet as First Grade but often have a split or some other minor deformity.

Do I win a prize!

kuaka, Jan 13, 7:34pm
Oh that's not fair - it's too far for me to come and get some!

vintagekitty, Jan 14, 5:23am
sarah $9.95 a box here!, ive bet you by a whole 5 cents ellie! - well apart from the boxes I got given lol

sarahb5, Jan 14, 5:28am
Well now I'm jealous that you got given cherries!$10.99 a kilo today at Countdown - I've eaten so many my finger tips are turning purple!

vintagekitty, Jan 14, 5:31am
I know!, one of my sons boarding school mates parents own a huge orchard in central otago so he bought some boxes when he came down to stay. Talk about pigging out:)

lindyjack, Jan 15, 1:15am
elliehen you are very lucky to live in a friut growing area and I suspect you get a lot more good specials and I envy you very much as I love this time of year with the stone fruit & berries etc

uli, Jan 15, 2:32am
She is not lucky - she just bought a house there - so can you LOL!

sarahb5, Jan 15, 4:05am
He's a keeper then!