Been given lots of cherries - about 10kg.

jan2242, Jan 1, 8:04pm
So now need some recipes so they can be kept - has anyone got any they would like to share? I was thinking of pickles or chutneys, or anything that can be frozen?

unknowndisorder, Jan 1, 8:08pm
Jan, I have bumped an old thread for some ideas and recipes :)

jan2242, Jan 1, 8:18pm
Many thanks, I did do a search and nothing showed up.

pugswal, Jan 3, 7:18pm
They are delicious halved with stone removed, then dried in dehydrator. Lovely snack in the winter.

jan2242, Jan 3, 8:11pm
Made jam, was disgusting so made chutney. Will be very spicy so am pleased with that result. I can't imagine what I would be like if I ate 10kg of them lol. Never thought of dehydrating though. Have put a few in the freezer as well.

sebra, Nov 8, 6:09am
I have successfully frozen them. Put in plastic bags and they will free flow - can be used any time, any amount, quality not impaired