pkv, Jul 3, 7:56am
Wanting to make a black forest cake, what type of cherries can I use for the inside of the cake layers? ? TIA

lilyfield, Jul 3, 8:15am
get a glass of black cherries from your deli

beaumonde, Jul 3, 12:38pm
supermarket has them, I know New world does.

cookessentials, Jul 4, 9:49pm
you can get the jars of cherries 0- Golden Sun is one brand, I sometimes use them in my black forest trifle. I think you can also buy them in kirsch.

daleaway, Sep 30, 10:19pm
You can also buy tinned cherries from time to time, that work well.
I used ones in a jar when I last made a black forest cake.

If stuck, check your local Dutch food shop for cherry jam. Good stuff. Has whole cherries in it.