Edmonds Sago Plum Pudding recipe

tessie2, Dec 21, 8:43am
I can't find my old Edmomds cookbook and the new one doesn't have it.Can anybody please help.

harrislucinda, Dec 21, 9:05am
foundit4 tlbspsago1 cupmilk75grmbread crumbs
1/2tspbakingsoda125grmsultanas125grm currants
75grmssugar1tlsp meltedbutter
soaksago inmilkandleaveovernightnextday addbreadcrumbs
buttersodathenfruitPutintogreasedbasin and steamfor3hrsservewithcustard

tessie2, Dec 21, 9:11am
Thank you so much.My mum has always made this, then I did and now my daughter does.We always add dates to the fruit. Makes it richer and more moist.

harrislucinda, Dec 21, 9:18am
thats okwillgiveitagomyself

tessie2, Dec 21, 9:35am
You won't be disappointed.

tessie2, Dec 25, 10:00am
The steamed pudding was delicious.And we cooked it in the slow cooker.So much easier than the pot on the stove.