Sponge Lady Finger Biscuits - what else?

matt-wgtn, Apr 24, 2:16am
Hi folks :-)I've got some sponge lady finger biscuits which I am keen to use up tomo when I have people coming to dinner.

What else could I make with them that is delicious but not Tiramisu? there are kids coming as well and Tiramisu doesn't go down well with kids.

Look forward to your suggestions because I am really racking my brain here.

malcovy, Apr 24, 2:17am
You could make decorative delicious sundaes for the kids with a couple of ladyfingers on top.

geldof, Apr 24, 3:29am
i make a black forest trifle. sponge fingers drizzled with alcohol or fruit juice. topped with chopped berry jelly. (cold water jelly makes this very quick) then drained pitted cherries. topped with chocolate custard (or even instant pudding) then whipped cream. sprinkle with cocoa or jelly crystals.
looks great in a straight sided glass bowl.
can make it adult, child-friendly, cheap or more expensive.
have a great evening

matt-wgtn, Mar 8, 10:02am
Thanks Geldof and Malcovy for the suggestions. I went ahead with the black forest trifle which pleased the target audience :-) cheers

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